When will I be notified?

Applicants will be notified within one-two months of receiving their application.

How long is each residency session?

Master Artist Residencies lasts a minimum of one month while self-directed residencies are a minimum of one-week. 

Do you supply arts materials, paper, pens, etc.?

We do not supply arts materials, paper or pens.  Each artist & writer is responsible for their own materials.  We can, however, recommend you some wonderful shops for those hoping not to travel light.

What is your refund/cancelation policy?

Full refund available up to three months before start of the residency. After that there is a 50% cancelation fee and no refund once the program begins. Fees are not prorated should the applicant arrive late or leave early.

How are attendees selected?

Attendees are selected by a jury of writers & artists hand-picked by Laberinto Institute.  We try to get a feel for the applicants in order to put together the best possible group.

Is there an application fee for the residency?

There is a small $15 application fee.

Is there any financial aid available?

Based on merit and documented need, there is limited financial aid available for artists. 

Are meals included?

Daily lunches and a packed snack cabinet are included. 

Can I have visitors? 

Yes.  You can have visitors during the day. If visitors stay for group lunch we ask for a $10 contribution per meal.  We do not allow visitors to spend the night at Laberinto Institute since it can be disruptive to the other artists sharing the house. There are a number of places to rent in the area, including a coffee cooperative four minutes up the road. 

How many artists and what types are there in each session?

Each session has six to ten artists.  Each session generally has three visual artists, three writers, one musician and one choreographer/Dancer or Performance artist.   

Is the space accessible for persons with disabilities?

If you have disabilities, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Do you have wifi?


Is there a cost associated with the residency?

The Master Artist Residency costs $3,200.00 for the month and $700 for each additional week. The Self-directed Residency costs $2,500 per month and $700 for each additional week.


Upon being selected for a residency with us we would be glad to help facilitate the acquiring of funds. If we can write letters, make calls or meetings on your behalf please let us know.  

For grants we recommend that you pursue any possibilities in your home country such as Arts councils or government funds. The only grants we know about are the following:

·      For US citizens:

·      The Fulbright grant http://www.cies.org/about_fulb.htm

·      The Leifur Eiriksson grant, http://www.leifureirikssonfoundation.org/

·      The American Scandinavian foundation, http://www.amscan.org/is

·      Thor Thors grant http://www.iceam.is/english/

·      For Nordic and Baltic citizens: Mobility grant,

What else can is there to do around the residency?  

The area has several restaurants (close by, with a view of the lake, or on the lake that cater to recreational water activities such as boating and jet skis. The house is perfectly located to explore the western part of the country.

Try these to start:
Santa Ana- beautiful colonial cathedral and theatre with a bustling city center
Joya de Ceren- "Pompei of the Americas" a pre-columbian archeological site
Cerro Verde National Park
Hike the Santa Ana Volcano
Ruta de las Flores- picturesque 36 kilometer route
Explore the capital city, San Salvador
And all of the lake activities

Cardedeu/La Pampa
Los Pinos
And a number of small local eats in the town